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This CPD unit is designed and delivered by Therese Linton, a global leader in people management and leadership for project-related services. She has decades of experience building and leading high-performing teams and sharing practical techniques that people leaders can apply immediately. 

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What's covered in the Legal People Management CPD Unit?

Introduction to Legal People Management

This first section covers the 10 essential skills that have been observed in successful leaders. It’s a great summary that’s really accessible and you can get started immediately.

The difference between management and leadership is regularly debated. Whilst there is a degree of overlap, we also see that there are fundamental differences. Right now, with the huge amount of change that is occurring in the legal sector, successful legal leaders will require a blend of both.
Adaptive Leadership Model for Individuals

Many techniques and frameworks exist to support people management and leadership. I developed the Adaptive Leadership Model model in 2014 when I wrote the Legal Project Management book for Lexis Nexi,s and used it extensively when lecturing at The College of Law. 

It is an extension of Hershey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership®. This was one of the first models that I learnt when becoming a new leader over 30 years ago. Hershey and Blanchard researched individual performance factors and found that when leaders adapt their leadership style to the needs of a team member in different contexts, then individual performance can be optimised.
Adaptive Leadership Model for Teams

This section extrapolates from the individual model and considers how to apply the concepts at the team level. Different styles of leadership work well during different stages of team development.

Taking the same principles as used to develop the Adaptive Leadership Model for Individuals, legal people leaders will achieve better outcomes when managing teams, if they adapt their leadership style to the particular stage of team development from Tuckman’s model - Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning. This also accelerates the transitions of the team through the stages so that high levels of productivity can be achieved relatively quickly.
Effective Communication

Effective communication skills are essential to the practice of law. Lawyers spend a significant proportion of each day communicating with clients, colleagues, team members, opponents, and the courts. 

Effective communication skills reduce misunderstandings; increase effectiveness; remove inefficiencies; and underpin success. They also contribute to the success of legal people leaders and their teams. You will consider the communication skills that will improve your people leadership skills.
Emotional Intelligence

This section contains the key concepts of emotional intelligence and how it improves our wellbeing, and also supports us form better relationships and being better leaders.
Emotional intelligence consists of four main components - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. 

Social awareness and relationships management are critical skills when managing teams of people to deliver complex outcomes. They support increased organisational awareness, as well as the ability to understand the needs and expectations of others. This is important when dealing with stakeholders, supervisors, team members, and clients.
Next Steps

Research shows that happy employees have increased productivity so we've included a selection of readings on happiness and productivity in the workplace.

There is also a link to a great tool to assess your emotional intelligence, along with the instructions for how to get the most out of the information and results, so you can actively work to increase your emotional intelligence to become a more effective people leader.
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You can add on a second CPD Unit for $47 USD after you've checked out! 
Hi, I’m Therese Linton, a global leader in legal project management and legal process improvement. 

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers to introduce innovative ways of working that delights clients, reduces stress, improves work-life balance, and leads to better legal outcomes. 

It's been a bit of a surprise to be invited to train lawyers in Legal People Management and Personal Productivity. I've got major strengths in these areas, backed by extensive experience and some amazing training opportunities.

Legal People Management Essentials is a combination of more than 30 years as a people leader and senior program delivery professional, sometimes with teams of more than 500 people. Combine this with my academic experience and you get a CPD module that supports both new leaders, and experienced leaders, with reliable frameworks that can be applied immediately. 

People management isn't always a strength for many lawyers, so I've made it easy by selecting my favourite people management tools that are simple and effective.

My purpose is to inspire you to transform your working life and achieve great things.

Lead your team to increase engagement and deliver better legal outcomes... 

You can add on a second CPD Unit for $47 USD after you've checked out!


YES, YES, YES it does! I've been using these techniques for more than 30 years and sharing them with legal leaders for the last 10. People leadership is one of my strengths and I have first-hand experience of the amazing turnarounds that can be achieved when leaders are flexible, consistent, authentic, and empathetic. 

Situational Leadership is the first people management tool that I was taught, I'd already been managing small teams for a few years and then I moved employers and stepped up to a significantly more senior role. I was given the opportunity to undertake formal leadership training, rather than be offended (as some people were in the same position) I embraced it. After all, I've always loved learning and I believe that everyone can improve and expand their impact. 

As a project delivery professional, I knew that I was relying on my team to achieve our outcomes and that my role was to set them up for success. The way you lead your people is integral to achieving successful outcomes, so if there are any issues with team performance, then you need to look at yourself first.

After using Situational Leadership for many years, I started to realise that it was lacking the flexibility to cater to some new attitudes I was observing in many of my team members. So, when I was writing Legal Project Management, LexisNexis 2014, I drew on my academic expertise to expand the model to include concepts of attitude and confidence when selecting the optimal leadership style for each team member, in every context. That's when the Adaptive Leadership Model was born.

It was perfect timing for the unit of study I had just been asked to take on at the College of Law - Legal People Management. I also had great fun and success incorporating it into a CPD Unit that I delivered around that time - Managing Emotions at Work. These are the origins of the curated content included in this CPD Unit. 

I've brought together the 'best of the best frameworks and tools. Sometimes we can keep things simple and get massive positive results. 

These concepts, when applied consistently, will elevate your people leadership skills well beyond your expectations.
Legal People Management can be a path to partnership... 

You can add on a second CPD Unit for $47 USD after you've checked out!


According to Harvard Division of Continuing Development, research suggests that people with higher emotional intelligence are more innovative, have higher job satisfaction, are more trusted, create more rapport, and are generally more successful and happier. They are also MUCH better people leaders.

“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand if you don’t have self-awareness if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Daniel Goleman has written extensively on emotional intelligence and how it can be increased. In his opinion, intelligence (IQ) determines the types of jobs you can pursue, emotional intelligence (EI) and social intelligence (SI) determine how well you will succeed within your chosen profession, and how well you will lead people.

- Intelligence (IQ) determines the types of jobs you can pursue

- Emotional intelligence (EI) determines how well you will succeed within your chosen profession

- Social intelligence (SI) is the ability to act wisely whilst maintaining human relations

Many researchers have considered the contribution of emotional intelligence and concluded that it is often more important than IQ in determining success at work, as well as increased levels of fulfillment and happiness. Your social intelligence is also important, being in tune with your emotions serves a social purpose by connecting us to other people and the world around us, and it always helps us to be better people leaders.


  • Identify what you are feeling – recognise your specific emotions and the underlying cause, especially of negative emotions that are impacting your physical and mental health
  • ​Develop awareness and gain perspective – greatly assisted by a mindfulness practice that emphasises gratitude and kindness
  • ​Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions – understand rather than deny your feelings and look for the root cause to amplify positive emotions or resolve negative emotions
  • ​Interpret your emotions – understand your emotions and consider the feedback and information being provided
  • Regulate your emotions – consider how you want to respond to negative emotions (yours and those of others) and select a more positive response that doesn’t aggravate a situation
  • Recognise and understand the emotions of others – this ability improves as you understand your own emotions
  • ​Develop the capacity for empathy – increased awareness of other people’s emotions, ask questions and seek to understand so you can find common ground
  • Pick up emotional cues – apply emotional skills to interpersonal relationships to develop more positive relationships and increase social connectedness
  • ​Develop flexibility and self-control – find ways to be gently assertive and respectful without falling into negative emotions

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You can add on a second CPD Unit for $47 USD after you've checked out!


I've been working with Therese for years, during that time she worked with us to create Ashurst's Legal Project Management Framework and introduced my team of Legal Project Managers to amazingly simple tools that have increased their productivity.
Rachael Moore, Former Global Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst
The number of our matters doubled unexpectedly one January. The lawyers who were actively using the frameworks and tools introduced by Therese sailed through it and the others really struggled to keep up.
Ben Martin, Joint Managing Partner, Norton White
Therese has delivered training for me when I was at Gilbert + Tobin and again in my role at McCabes, where we also engaged her to provide on-the-job coaching to our practice groups. In the coaching, she is gently persuasive and is such an expert that she is able to select exactly the right tool for every situation and every individual. 
Jane Hogan, Quentin Bryce Scholar & Head of Knowledge & Transformation, McCabe Curwood
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You can add on a second CPD Unit for $47 USD after you've checked out!

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