Personal Productivity  Tools Checklist
Do you work too much?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Here's the solution for lawyers and project professionals who want to stress less and live more!
These simple tools have helped 
thousands of lawyers and project team members increase focus, achieve 
more and feel free!
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Learn how to prioritse your work so you can focus on critical activities; increase your productivity and restore your work-life balance. You will be overwhelmed if everything you do is important and urgent! 
Time boxing is the equivalent to performing a personal productivity magic trick!
You will learn how to create space to concentrate on the most important and fulfilling activities.
Being organised requires daily discipline. Your daily book will become a symbol of your increased productivity and you will want to carry it everywhere with you.
It is critical to take control of your working life, just knowing everything that has been assigned to you will reduce your stress!
And much more......


This is what you will be getting FREE! A detailed guide on what you will need to do in order to create new productivity habits that will see you creating new focus which will ultimately lead to new and outstanding results!

Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life... 
Hi, I’m Therese Linton, a global leader in project management capability building, and over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers to introduce innovative ways of working that delights clients, reduces stress, improves work-life balance and leads to better legal outcomes. 

As part of the work I do training and coaching lawyers in Legal Project Management, I discovered that most lawyers have not been introduced to personal productivity concepts that many other professionals take for granted. So, I gathered together my selection of the’ best of the best’ personal productivity tools and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. 

These tools and concepts are practical and easy to use. You will learn how to become more productive and less stressed without wasting your own valuable time. I’ve done all the work for you! 

My purpose it to inspire you to transform your working life and to achieve great things.
Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life... 


YES, YES, YES it does. I've got so many examples of the improvements that can be achieved by individual lawyers as well as legal teams. I've only got room to share one with you now.

Around 7 years ago I was working with a team of lawyers in a mid-tier firm to introduce Legal Project Management (LPM). I was delivering activity based training every fortnight and also providing on-the-job support aimed at developing LPM precedents that the team could use to increase both their effectiveness (through higher and more predictable quality) and efficiency (by getting more done and not missing deadlines).

Here's one quick example of how my personal productivity tools can make an immediate and tangible difference...


I was working with a Senior Associate to map out the phases, deliverables and activities for her matters when it became obvious to me that she was so overwhelmed that she couldn't think straight. Before we could begin to develop the LPM precedents to support delegation and improve quality and consistency, I needed to find ways to reduce her stress so that she'd have the headspace to concentrate on the task at hand. I quickly dove into my kit bag of techniques for getting organised and selected the Daily Book supported by the Personal Prioritisation Matrix.
I worked with her over the next few sessions to design her own approach to these tools and on our third session together I was so happy to see her commitment to her new Daily Book. She shared her feelings of sheer relief about being better organised and also mentioned that she had been seriously considering resigning due to the intense overwhelm and stress - this would have resulted in a massive loss of knowledge for the firm. Instead we went on to develop amazing LPM precedents that are regularly shared with clients and team members, and still in use today!

I knew then that I could combine Legal Project Management with Personal Productivity Tools to have a positive impact on the working lives of lawyers across the globe!

That's when I realised that I could magnify the positive impacts of Legal Project Management by combining it with my suite of productivity tools that I use in my own working life.
Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life... 


Where did it all begin?

I can still remember with crystal clarity the moment that I developed my Daily Book framework. I had just started a new role as a Program Director for a major not for profit. I was responsible for conceptualising and implementing transformative changes to their enterprise systems and shifting their culture to support the massive growth strategy that had been set by the CEO.

It was a wonderful role, but I was struggling to keep on top of everything. The work was engaging and energising. So much so that I just wasn't keeping up with my personal admin.

How bad was it really?

I was ignoring it all and concentrating on my work. Everything fell on my shoulders - I was the primary breadwinner and I wasn't getting any help at home from my (now late) husband.

I discovered that we were months behind with the mortgage repayments on our home and investment properties and that I had a huge tax bill that we couldn't afford - I couldn't figure out how to continue to kick goals at work and sort everything out, and I couldn't just take a few days off as I was on a daily contract and we needed the money! Taking the time off would have meant less money to sort everything out - I was so stressed that I couldn't think straight!

How did I dig myself out?

That was the precise moment that I remembered a work habit that I had abandoned a few years before. When I was starting out as a Project Manager, I used to always have a notebook and sit down every morning and spend time writing a list of everything I needed to get done that day.

So I decided it was time to use a Daily Book again. I chose an A5 notebook and it was purple, because it's one of my favourite colours - pretty much an exact match to the theme colour I now use for my Personal Productivity Frameworks. That's NOT a coincidence!!!

Use these tools that I am giving you and you will find the same kind of results. It doesn't have to involve the death of a loved one. It could be plain old bad habits, anxiety, depression or whatever physical, emotional or mental roadblock that is standing in your way. 

You have the power to regain your mental clarity and focus in order to supercharge your productivity and take control of your life and your results.

Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life... 


I've been working with Therese for years, during that time she worked with us to create Ashurst's Legal Project Management Framework and introduced my team of Legal Project Managers to amazingly simple tools that have increased their productivity.
Rachael Moore, Global Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst
The number of our matters doubled unexpectedly one January. The lawyers who were actively  using the frameworks and tools introduced by Therese sailed through it and the others really struggled to keep up.
Ben Martin, Joint Managing Partner, Norton White
Therese has delivered training for me when I was at Gilbert + Tobin and again in my role at McCabes, where we also engaged her to provide on the job coaching to our practice groups. In the coaching she is gently persuasive, and is such an expert that she is able to select exactly the right tool for every situation and every individual. 
Jane Hogan, Head of Knowledge & Transformation, McCabe Curwood
Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life... 

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